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Offering group classes and individual sessions designed to strengthen mind-body holism while empowering you to release your stress, align your body, expand your heart, connect with your truth, and integrate your mind, body and soul, so you can live your to your highest potential now.

The Essense of Presence

Living the moment integrated and embodied in our most authentic self.

When we live in the present moment we feel energized, connected and engaged with ourselves and the world around us. There is a clarity in the rightness of just being. We are at peace, harmonious in our environment, not worried about the future, or wrapped up in the past. We sense the wholeness of our being, and yet have a knowing we are an integral part of something bigger.

We are grounded, balanced, and authentically our highest self, free to give, and receive love. Living from this place of present energy, there is an expansive quality to our being. We are empowered to move through the world from a place of gratefulness, feeling abundance, and radiating this powerful, positive, connected, healing energy outwardly, paying it forward to the world around us.

Sounds amazing right? So why don’t we live here all the time?

Letting go of the past
isn’t about forgetting.

It is honoring, forgiving, and respecting what we know we can never change, holding compassion for ourselves, and choosing to live now.

Past – Present – Future

Imagine the potential we’d have if we were to align and integrate our mind, body, and soul in the present moment.

Every moment is an opportunity. Every moment we have the ability to choose what we want to do next, who we want to be, and how we are going to “show up”.

As humans, we are often distracted. Unconsciously, we give a significant amount of our energy to the past – anger, sadness, regret, loss, grief, longing. We also spend far too much time worrying about or planning for the future. We have no control over either one; yet these distractions keep us from showing up fully present in the moment.

Why? Our present experience is literally framed from our past. So what can we do? We can learn to strengthen our ability to choose our reaction to it, thereby shifting our present experience. The latest neurobiological research on neural plasticity proves this. Imagine how much potential we have for health and happiness if we were to integrate ourselves in the present moment.

How can we do this?

Just because we cannot control our future, doesn’t mean we are powerless.

The power is in the present moment. It is all we have.

Past, Now, Future

Integrate the practice of presence in our lives

My life mission has been to help people become BODYWISE. Teaching new ways for individuals understand, view, and use our bodies is the first piece, but we can’t separate our bodies from who we are which includes the mind and soul.

My personal evolution and curiosity about mind-body integration, human behavior, the mind body in integrating my 28 years of experience as a Physical Therapist with mindfulness, TRE , and breath work, with my ongoing studies in integrative neurobiology, I am hoping to empower people to have a long, healthy, pain free, and happy existence.

Cultivate happiness and how it is tied to our health and wellbeing. The more we integrate the practice of presence in our lives, the more we pull our focus, energy, and power into now.

Life unfolds in a beautiful, and momentous way when we are present.

Surfing the Edge

When we are truly present with ourselves, not distracted by our past or trying to control our future, we feel a sense of timeless connectedness. We are “in the zone”, “on our game”, “feeling a flow state”. From here, we have the ability to be open and available to choose the next right thing in each moment, then trust in the unfolding.

Dwell in Possibility

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